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lychee would not be possible without the following projects. Thanks a lot to all maintainers and contributors.

  • peter-evans/link-checker: A GitHub action for link checking repository Markdown and HTML files. It served as the original template for lychee-action.
  • raphlinus/pulldown-cmark: A pull parser for CommonMark, written in Rust. It comes with a simple command-line tool, useful for rendering to HTML, and is also designed to be easy to use from as a library.
  • reacherhq/check-if-mail-exists: Check if an email address exists without sending any email.
  • robinst/linkify: Rust library to find links such as URLs and email addresses in plain text, handling surrounding punctuation correctly.
  • untitaker/html5gum: A WHATWG-compliant HTML5 tokenizer and tag soup parser